October 31, 2020

SlumGodTravv’s latest mixtape, “This Is Not A Mixtape”, hosted by DJ Scream.

SlumGodTravv‘s latest mixtape, “This Is Not A Mixtape“, hosted by DJ Scream.
Slumgodtravv x FBG Casino feed the homeless in Atlanta 2019 Easter 

“I grew up in the streets of East Atlanta and Decatur. I went to prison for bank robbery and served 11 years so, coming home I been straight grinding. Me and my team have been traveling around the US pushing this project, single by single, so when I brought it to DJ scream, I felt my approach and grind was different than the average rapper that comes out and drops a project because my story on how I was raised and everything I been through was different.”

Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-911760969-302319304

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